We are here to change the way the game is played. Forever. So yes, you could say we are a challenger, but our eyes are only on our own game.


It’s our joy to make money for our clients. We have created a business that loves to share its margins.


This question keeps us awake: How do we create a customer service culture, powered by both our tech and our people, that creates a great big smile across our client’s faces every time they hear our name?


We are restless innovators. Constantly developing cutting edge tech to maximise financial opportunities. The globe is our playing field and tech advancements are the highways to the world.

Putting your money to work and your mind at ease.

We’re a new, nimble fintech brand that uses technology to deliver constant client delight. We’re not about skyscrapers and red tape, we’re simply a better way to create great returns on our customers’ hard-earned income.


Whether you’re an individual wanting to start earning with arbitrage trading or a corporate looking for better, more cost-efficient foreign currency solutions. At Kastelo, we offer it all under one trustworthy treasury house.


Kastelo is a registered financial service provider (FSP 51074), which is FSCA and SARB approved. We collaborate with trusted and technologically advanced South African banks, transforming the foreign currency landscape to offer our clients the very best service.

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